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Professional Editing and Book Doctoring Services
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Greetings, Writer friends!


You need an editor to help you and your book look fabulous! 


Without professional editing, your book can become an embarrassment instead of your dream.  Think about it. 


Imagine a world of books so full of error-stricken content that you are haunted by them.


Okay, wake up; that’s just a nightmare. 

But maybe you have witnessed some of these atrocities. (Insert audible gasp here.) Admittedly, I have painted a dramatic picture. But honestly, when you spot one of these books, your heart sinks for that author. What if that author is you?  Horrors!


I promise that the pages of your book will not somehow jump out and slap you in the face. But you may wish they had for that wake-up call. Mistakes in a book can be embarrassing and costly.


You can avoid that pain!


Use an editor to keep a nightmare from disrupting your author dreams.  A good editor can do more than correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Yes, we do that. But we can also spot things like wordiness, unintentional shifts in tone and voice, word choice issues, overuse of particular words, transitions, clarity, and accuracy. We can even help you finish your book when you get stuck or are simply tired of looking at it. We can take that burden from you.


Now you need to determine what kind of editor you need. For an explanation of the different types of editors, what they do, and the starting fee for each, go to my services page. 


It is my job to help you, the author, shine.

I am your Word Wizard!


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Correcting mechanical errors

Pricing begins at.04/word.


  1. capitalization

  2. shift in tense

  3. punctuation

  4. word usage


Correcting structure errors.

Pricing begins at.05/word


  1. Improving language

  2. Reorganizing sentences for clarity

  3. Point out problem areas, (such as overuse of a word, or run-on sentences).

  4. Indicating where something does not read well or could confuse a reader.  


Focuses on the whole book content, through the eyes of your reader.

Pricing begins at.10/word.


  1. Rewrites or suggests rewrites at chapter, paragraph, and sentence levels.

  2. Covers elements such as structure, length, and completeness of the material.

  3. Improve content, tone, flow, and sequencing.

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A cross between a developmental editor and a ghostwriter. A book doctor works with a completed or partially completed manuscript. Where all of the other types of edits tell you what to do, a book doctor will do it for you.

Pricing begins at 15K, and the steps include:


  1. First: (Developmental editing part), Involves reviewing the manuscript and reporting suggested changes.

  2. Second: Removing impractical or irrelevant content (with consent)

  3. Third: (Ghostwriting part), Fill in and fix areas that were adjusted and have resulted in holes or incomplete messages.

  4. Finally, perform a fresh edit.




As a published author myself, I love non-fiction books and the authors that create them.


My passion is to help those authors shine by offering superb editing and book doctoring services.


I am skilled and experienced in developmental editing, line editing, and copy editing. I am also an expert book doctor and have helped countless authors finish their books after they were stuck.


I can lend you the helping hand you need to create your next masterpiece!

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You can purchase my book, "Surrounded by Champions," Today!



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Danny May

Ghostwriter, Co-writer with Jason Koger,

the author of Handed a Greater Purpose

Karen Hunsanger is a true professional and a pleasure to work with! She has the unique ability to find the heart of a story and carefully bring the emotion to the surface, so it resonates with the reader. She handles each project with the care and concern it deserves, not resting until she -and the author - are happy with the results. But the thing that impressed me the most is the joy Karen exudes from diving into a good story. As an author, it made me trust her immediately because handing your story off to the care of someone else can be a bit unnerving. Not only did she handle it well, but she also made it better!  I had never worked with a developmental editor before, but I knew I was in a place where we needed help. Writing a book is a HUGE undertaking. I compare it to climbing a mountain. Just when you think you're done with hard work (at the apex of the mountain in this analogy), you realize you're only at the halfway point of the process. I was getting exhausted, so it was great to have Karen bear some of the weight of the project. She helped me see from a fresh perspective and had some great ideas to refine the manuscript. I knew we had a good story, but Karen took it from good to great!  This book would not have been as strong as it ended up without Karen's input. 


Angela Dora Dobrzynski

The author of Unmoored, Psychotherapist,

EMDR provider, Grief Counselor


I recently hired Karen to provide developmental editing to the manuscript of my first book. She started by clarifying my goals with the project and then got to work. Her turnaround time was well within the promised window.... and her changes and feedback were excellent. She cleaned up parts I didn't even know were "messy," and she pulled it all together so that it was consistent and clear. I am thrilled with the finished product and am so grateful for her skill and professionalism.

Helen Bullen

The author of Agnes, Bea, Cancer and Me,

Business mentor, Kindly Blunt Podcast

I have just had the absolute pleasure of working with Karen. Karen edited my latest book, and it has been the best experience. I gave her my words, and she made them become a book. Karen has a calm and kind manner and immediately put me at ease about letting her work on my precious book. She took the time to understand me and the book's content. She kept in touch with me throughout, checking on any areas she thought may need changing. Karen completed the editing in the time quoted. I could not have asked for a better service. I can highly recommend Karen for her editing services. She is amazing, and I will be using her editing services for all of my books from now on.


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Kent Sanders

Ghostwriter, Author, and Host of the Daily Writer Podcast


Karen Hunsanger is not only a skilled editor—she's also a wonderful human being who serves clients with an eye for detail and a kind, empathetic spirit. If you're looking for an editor who will not only do excellent work in a timely way but also make you feel like a champion in the process, you must work with Karen!

Alice Sullivan

Award-Winning Ghostwriter and Collaborative Writer

Karen is a top-notch editor! She's thorough and affordable and is an absolute delight to work with. I plan on using her services frequently.



Laura Di Franco

Brave Healer Productions, Publishing and Business Strategy for Holistic Health and Wellness Professionals, Ten-time best-selling author, Book Collaborator


Karen is a thoughtful, kind, and efficient editor who is open-minded, coachable, and cares about what she does. Your book is part of her ripple, and that shows from the beginning to the end of working with her.

Christina Curtis

The author of Choosing Greatness: an evidence-based approach to exceptional outcomes, has been featured in Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Psychology Today.

Karen was a wonderful partner who helped edit a writing project that needed another set of eyes. She was thorough, supportive, and a great individual to work with. Grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her!





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